To new beginnings!

 Around 6 years back, my mother read me some teachings of the book, ‘The Secret’ that paved the way for the life I live today. Having faced a range of issues as a child, I somehow maintained my belief that there’s always going to be another day and to never lose hope.

But what if at times your anxieties take control over your life? What to do when you become insecure to the extent that you engage in self-destruction, in the sense that you are not able to take control over your emotions? You see yourself in the condition you would never want your loved ones to be in.

Well, it’s a tough phase, but it’s just a phase! And with the end of that phase, the flowers in the garden of your mind blossom, you become more aware of yourself and others, and start your journey to your Everest.

Let’s just say this is the beginning of my journey to my Everest. This will not just be a blog; it will be a platform for people, who lost what they had, but never gave up, to interact with me and others, and to spread power to all those who are lost in the forest of their minds.

With this blog, I’m going to share my views on holistic health, i.e., your mental, physical, and social health, and help each one of you to achieve it as much as I can.


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