Improving Your Social Relationships

Hello to all my lovely friends,

I presented my folks with an interesting exercise on my blog holistichealth95 on Instagram. You can see the exercise ‘Social Relationships‘ and give it a try. The task required getting out of your comfort zone and reaching out to people who, in any way, helped you grow. It can range from a simple help of providing you with water when you were choking to the time when they held your hand and made you walk past tough times.

Let me explain you the idea behind this exercise. Since the day you were born a lot many people would have helped you in infinite ways. Your mother fed you, father worked hard to satisfy your needs, and grandparents poured all their love onto you. As you grew up, some people accepted you, but some didn’t. But what kept you going was the love of those who never gave up on you because for them it was ‘You’ who mattered.

Yet, somehow you managed to overlook their efforts and even when you did notice their efforts, something inside you kept you from telling them how blessed you were for receiving their love. You know what that something was? It was your ‘Fear‘- your fear to look within and understand your innermost feelings. Fear is like a defence mechanism that prevents you from doing wrong, but at the same time it also, at times, prevents you from doing what you should do.

One of my influencers, the great Abraham Maslow, believed in an individual’s greatness, process of self-actualization, and the fear of self-knowledge. Your potential to reach your full potential encompasses your fulfilled relationships as well. Your greatness extends to your capacity build meaningful relationships and not just your career.

Maslow presented that as humans we have a fear of our own greatness which he called the ‘Jonah Complex’ as reaching our full potential requires knowledge of self which most people fear. And I say, “What could be greater than our innate capability to give and receive love?”  Nothing my dear!

We want to build healthy relationships, but we also want to protect our fear. And although, we want to tell people how much they mean to us, we don’t know how to start.

This exercise is the the first step in this direction. When you tell people how grateful you are to have them in your life, your relationships prosper. Let me show you how:

  1. You gather courage to tell it to people (which helps you in leaving your comfort zone)
  2. They are taken by surprise, but deep down inside feel really loved and appreciated. (Who doesn’t love to be loved?)
  3. And this paves the way for a stronger relationship in the long run.

In fact, when you express your feelings to someone you’ve not spoken to for a while for any reason, they would feel strange but definitely good.

So, gear up and take the step you always were afraid to take. Write me your experiences and I’ll share mine in the next blog.You can share your experiences in the comments or write to me in the ‘Contact’ section.

You’d be suprised to see their responses! It’s going to be fun!



One thought on “Improving Your Social Relationships

  1. Cracks allow light says:

    One of the readers left me a query under the contact section but gave the wrong email address. Kindly give me your correct email address so that I can reply.


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