After much delay due to my exams, I finally sat down today to capture my experience with the improving social relationship’s task. In one word, it was unimaginable. When I posted the exercise, I knew it would bring happiness to people who would follow it, but little did I know it would be an experience I would cherish for long.

I followed the exercise the same day, and it was one of the best days of my life. I thanked my friends for their presence in my life, how they always believed in me, and how they always had my back. Some of the responses were very loving, while some of my lovelies got worried if everything was okay. The latter ones were the ones I usually don’t tell how much I adore them. It was fun scaring them. But I bet, both would have felt at least a little happier after reading my messages.

One of my saviors in college, poured me with so much love that I was thankful to myself for this exercise. She told me how much she respected my level of enthusiasm about life, how much she loved me and was grateful to have me as her friend. The level of encouragement she gave me for my nascent blog made me believe in my endeavor. I was happy to know that I am making a change. To be honest, her encouragement moistened my eyes.

One thing I’m proud of doing was telling one of my family members how much I respect her strength. Believe me I never knew she would pour me such good wishes in return. It was the first time I told her about my feelings and I am glad I took the step.

I also asked my friends what experience the exercise gave them to know how I helped them in improving their relationships. One had been wanting to thank his friends who made him understand that we aren’t here to be everything to everyone, and instead we should focus on embracing and developing our own unique gifts. Well, it made me happy that this exercise gave him the required push.

The other realized how each person in our life enters for a reason, i.e., to teach something and give us something to be grateful for. This exercise put a smile on her face which further bolstered her desire to express her feelings to more people. It made her feel grateful for the things she had in her life for some others might not have them.

And with this, I can happily say that my work was done. My work to make people smile a little more and express a little more was successfully completed. It makes me content to see people communicating. Technology is like an irony in today’s world; it makes us communicate more but that communication somewhat lacks depth.

I want all those who did the task to continue it frequently, and those who have not yet practiced it, go ahead and talk!

It’s never too late to heal a relation; all you have to do is communicate.




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