Mental Health As A Life Indicator

A lot of thoughts come in our minds when we hear the word mental health, one major thought being about mental illness. But mental health is more than just being free from mental illness. So for I have talked about physical & social health; it’s time to talk openly about mental health.

The true essence of our being lies in our brain and mind. Think of brain as the tangible part and mind as the soul of the brain. Each and every part of our body is in harmony with the other. You need legs to walk, mouth to speak, heart for blood circulation etc. Similarly, Brain aids in the functioning of each and every organ of our body. Our mind that thinks and feels is important for our survival.

Be it pleasure or pain, physical pain or emotional pain, all the sensations and feelings are felt because of the brain. The receptors in our body are connected to the brain that judges a sensation as pleasure or pain, the resultant feeling is a part of the mind.  These feelings govern our overall life. We live every moment with a proclivity towards good feelings, then how can mental health be just limited to psychology textbooks?  Every step we take is an attempt towards our search for a happier life, yet the only time we tend to think about mental health is when some serious mental illness situation arises.

But mental health is more than just the absence of illness. To be mentally healthy means to be happy, striving, and living each and every moment of your life with a feeling of gratitude. The reason we like spring season so much is because everything blossoms during that period and not just because it’s a shift from winters to summers.

Some days are 100% happy while some are a mixture of happiness and low feelings. But what is important is how you feel most of the days, how well are able to enjoy the good things and face difficult situations, and how well are you do strive to reach your full potential.

All such tiny yet influential aspects affect our being. There are no hacks to be mentally healthy except choosing a life that makes you happy and feel alive. There are so many mediocre things in life, your mental health shouldn’t be one of them!

For me being mentally healthy means to not be afraid to feel, feel the pain and joy of life because you are a ‘feeling being’. Just the way happiness is a feeling, feeling sad is also a feeling. Happy feelings make us happier and sad feelings make us realize the importance of happy feelings.  In today’s world, we all somewhat try to shirk from feeling too emotional, but these emotions are the ones that make us unique.

A small stressful situation can affect our physical health, motivation level, and personal life so much. So make your mental and emotional health a priority because ‘YOUR MENTAL HEALTH DECIDES THE QUALITY AND QUANTITY OF YOUR LIFE’.

When you have light inside, only then you can spread light!



2 thoughts on “Mental Health As A Life Indicator

  1. Samina Bano says:

    Supriya whatever you have written, it was coming from your heart and mind . Writing becomes effective when expression comes out in a natural flow. All these I felt for your article and felt proud of your thought and conviction.
    We grow when we are open to accept and learn , keep growing .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cracks allow light says:

      Thank you so much for all the encouragement, ma’am. Yes, I believe Mental Health is one topic that we as psychology students can bring to the mainstream. I have always learnt a lot from your great support! Hope to make you more proud with time!😊


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