When Running Gives You Life.

“Some journeys are short, but definitely the most powerful one.” -Supriya

Running and life are very similar in many aspects- Fiercely powerful forces to take you where you never imagined you could reach. I have been running on and off for more than a year now, but in the mid of January 2017, I started running with a whole new reason- My 1st 10km run.

In this moment of my emotional state, I would like to pour my love on to one of the greatest gifts time has given me- running. I’m an amateur runner who found catharsis in running a year back and since then chose running as an important part of her workout.

Here’s a little summary of what I gathered about life and running!

Running is not just an exercise; it’s a way of life. Only the context of running changes in different situations.  When we see a barking dog, we run away from it, we often try to run away from negativity, we run after buses, at times we also run after people. Basically, we run away from what harms us and towards what we need.  But let’s try running for (not after) self-confidence, belief, and self-love!

I always say running makes our body’s endorphins jump up high and make you happy, but there’s more to what it has given to me. Running came into my life in an unexpected random way but helped me soothe my anxieties to the extent I can’t put in words.  I  used to think a lot while running but once my run got over so was my catharsis and I felt  like a sunflower who just got a great deal of sunshine.

On 16th January after my evening run, I came across an upcoming marathon and instinctively registered myself for it.  Three weeks down, I can proudly say that running gives me life. When I run a pre-decided run and complete it, the last step, i.e., the victory step makes me believe in myself a bit more than yesterday. It is not about how much I can run right now, it is about how much I am growing with each passing day. I deeply love swimming, but I am writing this with tears in my eyes that the pain of injury never felt so beautiful yet making me crave for running more.img_20170209_131439_856

There are great runners around the world and someday I wish to become one too, but for now the love running has given me is immeasurable. What else is love? After every session, I can’t wait to get back on the track the next day. When I’m sad, running makes sure I don’t forget to rejoice life. When I am not able to believe in myself, running holds my back and makes sure I don’t let anybody tell me I’m not worth it! I was in an emotional state two days where I wanted to cry for no apparent reason and I started feeling negatively about certain things in life, after a short run, I was jumping with happiness, humming songs, and laughing. Magic that a short 15 minutes session can have!

In this world of Netflix and Play Station, I want all of you to pick a sport that you like. It’s okay if after a while you gain more interest into another one; unless you try you will never know what draws you the most. Some people find what they love at once, some people make their own way to it. Just don’t give up you thinking you don’t have it in yourself.

Give life a chance to surprise you! 🙂


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