Go smooth!

Healthy has become the new sexy. Fitness has become more competitive than ever. The desire to get into the right shape and have a fit body has made people to increasingly and enthusiastically incorporate healthy food in the meals. Being a healthy lifestyle lover, I make sure to eat what makes my body stronger while treating myself with my favourite ice-creams and noodles occasionally.
Here’s a simple yet complete breakfast smoothie bowl for you all to kick-start your day with a good amount of potassium for preventing and curing cramps making it a great meal for the workout and training enthusiasts.


• Bananas
• 4 medium strawberries
• Handful of green grapes
• Dried blueberries
• Dried Cranberries
• 1 cup of Greek yogurt ( I used banana and honey flavour by Epigamia)

Blend the ingredients and until you get a smooth consistency. You can add a little water if you find it to be too thick. Pour into 2 bowls; add some almonds, melon seeds, muesli and few Choco chips into both. You have a complete and high satiety value meal for two.

Nutritional Value
The bowl contains high protein, potassium,calcium, antioxidants especially my favorite lycopene which is good for your heart, while improving your skin on the outside.
Muesli provides you with the good complex carbohydrates and makes you feel full for a longer time due to high satiety value. Almonds provide you with oodles of Vitamin E for healthy hair & skin, improved vision, monounsaturated fats (healthy fats), and lower the LDL levels making your heart a long run runner. Almonds also help in the optimal functioning of your nervous system, hence called ‘the brain food’.
Melon seeds contain a good amount of protein comparable to soy milk, provide us with Vitamins A, E, and C, and are heart healthy.

Grab you apron and have a cooking without fire session while making your family’s morning healthier.

Stay holistically healthy and keep laughing!


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