The Great Rescuer- Epigamia Snackpack

Just when I absolutely fell in love with the fresh and creamy taste of their greek yorgurt, Epigamia came up with another revolutionarizing step towards health- Greek yogurt snackpack.

Keeping in mind the importance of good carbohydrates, Epigamia has come up with snack packs that contain greek yogurt and different cereals like granola, barley puffs etc.

I had mango greek yogurt with granola and a side of fruit bowl today for lunch since the heat was really getting at me and I wanted to eat some light and soothing for my stomach.

Here’s how I like the snackpack:

  • It tastes Fresh and has small pieces of mango, our favourite summer fruit.
  • The granola is crunchy and is a good change from energy bars.
  • It has double the amount of protein than normal yogurt.
  • One of the sources of calcium.
  • It claims to contain no preservative.
  • It has a spoon inside, so you don’t even have to worry about carrying any spoon.



  1. It is an easy to carry travel snackpack for college students who may or may not be living away from the home. As a college student, I see my friends resort to the canteen food when they are hungry and outside their house the whole day. This is a great alternative to chips and soda that contain negligible nutrients, tons of empty calories, trans fat, and increase the LDL cholesterol in the coronary arteries.

2.Yogurt is a soothing food for the stomach both in terms of heat and digestion. So this gut friendly pack is a pro for all.

  1. You can add more nuts and seeds,fruits to it if you want.
  2. It is a great pre and post workout meal. Just have it an hour or 45 minutes before your workout.
  3. Granola has good iron content making it a medium for preventing anemia. It has high potassium, and great satiety value making a way to one’s heart and the first and most important eal of the day- Breakfast. Fiber content makes it great for your gut. Imagine combining this marvelous cereal with greek yourt!

I had my yummy pack today. When are you going to have yours?



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