Be Heard

“Hey, you can talk about it if you want! “

“I’m there with you!”

How many times have you, offered your known ones your ears? How many times have they offered their ears to you?

We all at some point of time wanted to just let go of something so stressful that made us vulnerable. Many of us are in a constant subconscious search of closure from an issue that might have made us question our own existence.

There are a few things about which talking to a close person helps. But there are a few things that are so impactful that no matter how much we talk about them to our friends (and feel better after the long pouring out session), they still come and go and disturb our mental peace. You know it doesn’t matter anymore but whenever the memories pop up, you feel like you hit rock bottom.

Who doesn’t like closure from unpleasant things? We all crave for a little bit more clarity even while embracing the mess.  My current status is, in fact, ‘embracing the twists and turns of life’.

Life is all about finding your way through life- walking, running, falling, hurting, again getting up, and finding peace in even the smallest answer.

You might be all up for listening to a friend, but what about when all you want is too be heard? While sometimes we get that one person or may be more people with whom you can talk about your deep problems bothering you all this while. Good enough if you already have such people in your life!

But what if you don’t feel comfortable talking about certain dark areas of your life for various reasons like the fear of embarrassment, being judged?  Should you let it affect you in the most subtle but impactful way?  NO, YOU SHOULD NOT!

What about when just talking therapy with your best friend hasn’t helped you as of yet?

Considering professional help by a trained counsellor here helps. She/ he would not only listen to what you have been holding on to for so long but will also help you change your view and develop a new perspective of life while accepting the old, making you more open to experiences.

“Why a counsellor? Can’t I just accept the past as past and move on in my life? I mean the counsellor cannot feel what I went through. I am already better than before and time will heal my mind on its own. “

Well, of course, time heals everything but if something has been coming back and forth to you intermittently and making your heart feel like a heavy rock, why stay stuck in that thought and let time heal you. You might not understand the reason of your anxious nature, your high level of self-criticism, your self-doubt, but the reason behind these can be any of the impactful (no matter how small the issue was) issues you faced. It can be being bullied by friends or not having an assurance from your family that you’re good enough. It can be a trauma faced by a close person or you yourself as a child. I t can be being left alone in school during recess, the part of the day every student looks forward to. But still you kept on trying to fit in.

May be your anxious behaviour and anxieties are inherent, but there also are equal chances of them being your behavioural response to that traumatic situation.  There are chances that your suppressing of your painful memories as a coping strategy that your mind automatically used as you grew up, comes out in your behaviour whenever a stressful situation arises bringing your anxious response to the front. And then there are chances that you might have anxious and depressive tendencies by nature but the environment heightened those aspects.

Here your counsellor will help you, in most confidential way, to give the past ‘You’ and painful memories a great closure. You will appreciate yourself and your experiences in a more acceptable manner and realize how beautiful life is.

Recently, someone told me these beautifully powerful lines, “When you are in a train and the train enters a long tunnel, it’s all dark, but you don’t tear your ticket and jump out of the train, right? And eventually, the train come out of the tunnel and it’s all bright once again”.


We all understand these things but there are times when somebody else can help in finding answers to questions we were always looking for.

We all might need help at some point in our lives. Some people find a constructive way to cope with painful memories while some don’t. Appreciate the strength of both such people because no matter they didn’t quit. Render your support to those you can and if they need a more concrete help, make them feel it’s completely normal to seek professional help.


‘Some scars are physical, while some are deep imbedded in the mind.’

Help people live life a little more, love a little more, hope a little more, and feel a little more.

Say holistically healthy and make your mental health a priority. You mental health affects every area of your life, including your physical health.


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