Gut Health during your next Vacation

Vacation first pops up the thought of being free and of course! What else are we supposed to do than just doing nothing and relaxing our heart out?  But gut health is that part of our life style that is inevitable even during the vacation. The moment vacation comes to an end; we start with a detox to soothe all the damage done to the gut. Here are some basic tips to keep up with your health during vacation:

Wash out with fiber rich food

What are holidays without experimenting different cuisines, but there are ways you can safe guard your tummy without compromising on the food. Eat fiber rich vegetables in at least one of your meals. Dietary fiber keeps the gut healthy, bowels smooth by adding volume to them. Change of place and new dishes can at times irritate the stomach.

Eat fruits and vegetable salads that are different yet tasty enough to satisfy your taste buds.


Drink enough water

New place, vacation mode, and especially cold climate can make us forget to hydrate ourselves properly. Water is the easiest and best bet when it comes to staying healthy and nourished. Water will also keep your gastrointestinal tract on right track by improving the bowel movement. Also, change of sleep-wake cycle, weather can at times irritate the bowel system. The longer the bowel stays in the tummy, the more water is absorbed by in the stomach from it.

70 % of your immunity lies in your gut, why not sip this magical potion throughout the day?



Gut health during vacation becomes fun to attain through workouts that are solely related to vacation dos.   Trekking during a mountain vacation, swimming whilst a luxurious getaway, running on the beach,  walking on to short-distanced places instead of taking rides.  Exercise strengthens the core muscles and makes the intestines to a faster work at pushing the insoluble waste out.


Drink fresh juices

Not only for great for a post vacation detox, juices are easier to digest and absorb by the body whilst providing antioxidants. Plus the water content of juices is also a plus point for keeping up with the hydration needs.


Vacations are supposed to be a rejuvenating experience, a medium to detox your mind and body from the hassles of everyday life. Once the vacation is over, the real work-life health balance becomes an important task. So why not keep up with your gut health as much as you can during a vacation, and deal with less damage after all the fun. Let the experience be good, not strenuous!


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