Healing Power Of Homemade Food

“True healthcare reform starts in the kitchen.” –Anonymous

Health and work are two things that will perpetually propose a balancing challenge as you grow up. While mothers took precise care of our health when we were in school with wholesome homemade food, the responsibility to be healthy increased on our own shoulders as we grew up to live independently.

Recently, I asked a few of my friends and followers on Instagram whether they carry homemade food to their work/college or simply order from outside every day. To be honest, I was happy to see how many of them do carry homemade food, there were few who order food from outside every day.  While ordering food from outside and its adverse effects on health depends on what you order, such food is doesn’t always ensure hygiene and quality. Of course, salads and other totally healthy food options are available now-a-days, but such food’s not always pocket-friendly. Ordering food that agrees with your budget leaves you with oily and high sodium and saturated fat food. In fact, people are also tempted to offer something heavy that satisfies the food lover inside them.

Carrying homemade food might feel a lot tedious and impossible when you’re short of time always but it sure has the following benefits:

  1. More Immunity, less gut imbalance

Food that is too much processed has never been a friend to anyone’s body. You might have a faster metabolism but whether it will become faster in future depends on how you feed your gut right now. Furthermore, gut immunity is an indicator of your whole body’s immunity. More of whole food that’s less processed with less shelf life is a great alternative.


  1. Pocket friendly investment

Although, it might that fresh foods and vegetables and whole grains are more expensive but nothing compared to the addiction of eating out frequently. Not only do whole and fresh food keeps you full for longer, they also reduce the medication expenses. When you can happily but a red velvet from Starbucks, why hesitate before buying beetroot and strawberries?img_20170811_093105_042.jpg

  1. Personal assurance of heealth and hygiene

When you prepare food at home, you know the quality of ingredients you used, the hygienic conditions, and the duration of cooking the food. Vegetables aren’t supposed to be cooked too much and in too too much oil; you can keep a check on this measure through home cooked food .



These might seem like a few benefits, but they aren’t as trivial as they seem. Your home has a kitchen, make use of it. In fact, the more you eat home cooked food, the more you become aware of what you’re feeding your body and the different options to nourish oneself.




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