Sailing Through The Festive Season With Healthy Colours

An inevitable time to avoid all the sweet goodness of life, the festive season brings with it cholesterol increasing and routine disrupting food. “Let’s just have one more of that gooey Gulab-jamun”, the heart says!
Striking a balance is what comes to the rescue here making the guilt trip a bit less painful for you. Here are a few quintessential things that will help you sail through the festive season while nourishing your body and keeping the system smooth so that there is less damage to fix.

Far beyond the benefit of calorie burning, workout improves the metabolic activities and fastens the digestion. A morning run in the sweet changing weather will help in keeping the cholesterol level in balance that can be affected with the sugary consumption and keep the detoxification process on.


Dry fruits and nuts
Healthy fats and vitamins derived from dry fruits make them a must during the festive season for keep cholesterol in check and reduce the extra munching. When going to someone’s house, draw your hand towards that dry fruit’s box to keep yourself fuller for longer durations.

Fruits and vegetables
Fibre loading through fruits and vegetables is very important especially amidst the festive season to keep the system in good shape while also intaking essential nutrients that can never replace any outward product applied. More fruits and vegetable also make sure that there isn’t over dose of complex carbohydrates; over the top of all the sweets consumed.

Low calorie dinner
As the day ends the rhythmic metabolic cycle of the body slows down, a low calorie dinner like a bowl of freshly made soup or sautéed vegetables will keep the digestion easy and helps you balance the recommended calorie intake.

Water intake
The remedy of all, the more the water the more the body will stay hydrated and flush out toxins. Adequate water intake, 2-2 ½ litres per day, will prevent water retention and will keep you fuller for longer time. Keep a goal and drink your way to smash it because a beautiful skin calls for water first.



The more you take care of these points, the more the happy your body will be. When the sweets are essential, a little care around the corner won’t hurt. Also, don’t forget to eat in small portions every time you eat!


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