Guilt Free Detox Post Festive Season

The exchange of sweets and eating lavish meals have come to a still with the end of festive season, but the elaborate bites that you took of the sugary delights and spicy pakoras seem to be needing an extra push to leave to our body.

The ladoos sit comfortably in the fridge. Can’t throw them away, but got find a way to relax the body and heal the burden created on the digestive system? Here are a few tips to detox post Diwali.


Gulp Up The Water

Don’t confuse thirst with hunger! Drink 3 litres of water every day to keep help blood transport nutrients to different parts of the body, to maintain healthy bowel, to relieve stress.

Water will keep your gastrointestinal tract on right track by improving the bowel movement.  Also, the longer the bowel stays in the tummy, the more water is absorbed from it in the stomach making it difficult to pass. GULP! GULP! GULP! (70% of your body is water, in case you forgot!)

 Probiotic Intake

70% of the immunity lies in our gut, and yet we are so ignorant of its needs. Probiotics, i.e., healthy bacteria, form lining in our digestive tract aiding in better digestion and absorption of nutrients. You can have specific probiotic drinks or probiotic dahi. Dahi is great for soothing the stomach!

Yakult and Nutrifit( Mother Dairy) are easily available in India.


Bring On The Fiber

Fiber loading through fruits and vegetables is very important, especially after the festive season to ease the burden on the body while also in taking essential nutrients.

More fruits and vegetable also make sure that there isn’t over dose of complex carbohydrates (for balancing sweet intake). In fact, Dietary fiber keeps bowels smooth by adding volume to them.


Sharing Is Caring

Share some sweets with the maid, eat small bites of sweets and chew thoroughly, and take some to office/college.  It adds a little dessert after the lunch for everyone and faster consumption of the desserts. Who doesn’t like a sweet end to a perfect lunch?

A cup of Green Tea, Please!

Drink 1-2 cups of green tea every day. Known for speeding the metabolism, green tea also helps in removing toxins from the body that accumulate due to processed food and pollution.

Move Your Body

One solution to all problems, workout! Anything that gets you moving like running, cycling, playing tennis, body toning exercises and yoga. The aim is to get rid of the free radicals that accumulate around the joints, the stiffness that body feels after eating too much.


Planks are a great way to tone the core area. Go for a brisk walk, every step counts!

Meditate Away The Guilt Stress

One challenge that most people find difficult is dealing with the guilt of having eaten elaborate heavy meals and sweets. But stress affects digestion and leads to storage of calories for danger (that’s how we’re programmed!).

 Festivals are for enjoying sweets, you have got to live and enjoy while taking small steps.


Cut Processed Sugar (In Tea And Coffee) To Make Up For Sweets Eaten

While natural sugar from fruits is great for energy, processed sugar in sweets and drinks hamper the body. While you’re still relishing the sweets at our home, avoid sugary drinks and sugar in tea and coffee.


Life is supposed to be celebrated and it’s okay to get a little carried away during the festive season. What’s important is to simultaneously take minor steps that make it easy for the body to deal with the change and there is less damage done.

Just make it a point to consume nutrients, eat nuts and dry fruits, and have a healthy breafast( oats are great) to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals and see how you good heal your body!


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