Lighting Up My 2018

I believe every year has its own charm even if that year was the year of your breakup or career crisis but each year has its own experiences. Call me overly optimistic or maybe that’s just my mechanism to deal with certain unpleasant experiences, but I like living life with my mind soaked in the bright rays of sun.

This is how 2017 was for me. The year of so many firsts, so many memories, moments of epiphanies, and fearlessly finding my path. But one very important thing I did in 2017 was ripping off the old stinking band-aid from my feelings that wanted to be felt and expressed.

With a list of goals, I now welcome 2018. Goals that would not only make me proud on accomplishing them but journey towards completion of each goal would bring new experiences and shape me in the best possible way.

Here are a few goals I have to make this year a fun-filled one:

  1. Read them eight books of wisdom and thrill

I like reading, but I have never been a regular reader. Eight might sound a small number, but eight in comparison to zero sounds so much better, right? Each book has something to teach, to relate to, and to help you use your time more productively. I’ve created a list of 4-5 books to read this year already, any suggestions for the vacant spots? (Drop your suggestions in the comments below)

  1. Smash them 21 kilometers

While 2017 was the year of my first 10kms run, this year I am all set and determined to run my first half marathon( 21kms). What I like the most about a marathon run is how you witness the day coming to life as the sun pushes back the night and the cool breeze touches your body making you feel more alive than before.


  1. Feed my soul four travel experiences

Well, this one is has a story behind it. I love travelling, but it’s been a long while since I took off with family and friends. Last year had one trip in card, but this year I will be travelling more, to known and unknown places.IMG-20170610-WA0001.jpg

  1. Bring my inner musician out ( or maybe set my own standards of music :P)

You know what to do when you have a guitar and know the basics, practice more. Play those strings like never before, don’t worry about being perfect from the start. Go at your own pace. I am thinking 4 songs this year, sounds good?

Have you created your goals for 2018 yet? Go ahead, make them and nail them good!

P.S.: When you make a burn a chapati, you make another and this time with more focus. Similarly, you let yourself live, make mistakes, but every time come out with new experiences and learnings. Don’t be afraid of the hindrances, and pitfalls, get up and try again.

Have a great week ahead!


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