Guilt Free Detox Post Festive Season

The exchange of sweets and eating lavish meals have come to a still with the end of festive season, but the elaborate bites that you took of the sugary delights and spicy pakoras seem to be needing an extra push to leave to our body. The ladoos sit comfortably in the fridge. Can’t throw them away, … Continue reading Guilt Free Detox Post Festive Season


Sailing Through The Festive Season With Healthy Colours

An inevitable time to avoid all the sweet goodness of life, the festive season brings with it cholesterol increasing and routine disrupting food. “Let’s just have one more of that gooey Gulab-jamun”, the heart says! Striking a balance is what comes to the rescue here making the guilt trip a bit less painful for you. … Continue reading Sailing Through The Festive Season With Healthy Colours

Wholesome Detox

For a long time, I had been feeling the need for a detox day. I make sure to have fruits and vegetables in my daily diet but I wanted a light cleansing day to feel the freshness and peace I had not  felt in a while. So today, I   prepared some easy to make meals … Continue reading Wholesome Detox

Go smooth!

Healthy has become the new sexy. Fitness has become more competitive than ever. The desire to get into the right shape and have a fit body has made people to increasingly and enthusiastically incorporate healthy food in the meals. Being a healthy lifestyle lover, I make sure to eat what makes my body stronger while … Continue reading Go smooth!